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AZZA Confectionery house was founded in 2008 and it has been more than 10 years we operate in the market of confectionery products. During this period we are at your service in 73 outlets. Location of our shops we call "sweet zone" and our target is to transform the whole city into a "One Sweet Zone".Reasons of our succesfull operations and constant growth are our customers. Our belief in day-to-day need strengthens by satisfaction of our customers through our products and services. Also encourages us to increase the range of our products and constant improve level of services and quality.AZZA today is the largest chain of pastry shops in the territory of Azerbaijan.And this is not the limit, we continue to develop and set for ourselves big targets.The main principle of the company AZZA is Natural ingredients in all our products. Exquisite design and brilliance of products achieved by the usage of fresh fruits and berries only. We never use artificial ingredients.The best quality products, excellent taste and excellent service - this is our Distinction and our Brand!We are deservedly proud of the quality of our products!Range of confectionery is constantly expanded and updated, and today we have more than 100 names of our products: classic cakes and pastries, desserts, oriental sweets, bakery products.AZZA company offers a wide range of exclusive cakes with delicious fillings from natural ingredients. Be sure that you will find confectionary masterpiece as per your taste at our shops. If you want a really exclusive cake for your celebration , we can offer to you a special service where you can give your own design for your future cake and our Chief master of confectioners perfectly will manage this task as well.Cake produced and decorated by AZZA, will make your special day full of great taste!

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